Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Tissot Automatic Wristwatch

by Radhe Gupta
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Tissot has a long history in watchmaking. This watch was one of the first famous Swiss watch brands to hit the market. Over the decades, Tissot has become a popular name for many loyal watch collectors. With over 165 years of experience in the watch industry, Tissot has been closely associated with sports since the 1930s. This has made the brand known and popular among athletes and sports enthusiasts. Before getting a Tissot automatic watch, here are the top 5 reasons why you should get an automatic watch. 

  1. Their Longevity and History 

Tissot was founded in 1853 by Charles-Félicien Tissot. The brand originated in Lurol, Switzerland, and is still based in the region. The watch was soon launched internationally, and the brand became known worldwide within a few years of its founding. Years of experience in watchmaking have made Tissot one of the most famous brands on the market. Tissot takes great pride in its tradition and often shows its roots in today’s watches.

As a result of the mechanism associated with automatic watches like Tissot, they possess an indefinite lifespan. Its rotator characteristics function when the wearer is in motion, unlike the quartz that uses a battery. As a result of these distinct characteristics, an automatic wristwatch can still function after being left for a very long time. 

  1.  Style

Due to Tissot’s magnificent craftsmanship,  they blend in all forms of attire, outfits, or accessories. Their styles are made and suited to all the accessories for men. They are elegantly designed to complement the wearer.  Different styles of Tissot watches can blend in with any attire. Their straps are usually easy to clasp and scratch-resistant.

Tissot automatic watches are made so that they can show or depict class despite not being like their mechanical counterparts.  All this is styled and designed to help it be accurate, reliable, and precise. The style of an automatic watch is another reason why you need to get one. 

  1. Features and Varieties 

Tissot has different automatic wristwatch models, for example, The Tissot Heritage Memphis and Le Locle. Le Locle is named after the city where Tissot was founded. The area is well known to watch lovers as it is the birthplace of many famous Swiss watch brands. Le Locle watches are one of Tissot’s most important products. The name is engraved on the dial, inspired by the city’s clock tower. On the side of the guilloche are an exact date window, a list, and rose gold hands. 

The body is made of rose gold and has a diameter of 39.3mm. This watch is attached to the wrist with a brown leather strap. This model uses a classic self-winding movement that pays tribute to the traditions of the times. The Heritage Memphis Collection is one of Tissot’s latest limited editions. This watch is uniquely designed to stand out. The all-black color gives this watch a unique beauty. The dial is designed with pop culture as a source of inspiration. The back of the sleeves also features decorative Memphis details. The black polish makes a great backdrop with a bold, white design. 

  1. Ease of Maintenance 

Tissot watches are simple and easy to maintain. Every model comes with specifications in the pamphlet on how to maintain it properly. Every machine needs maintenance and servicing for continued functionality and performance. When they are not serviced, performance reduces, leading to a breakdown. A watch stops working correctly when it is always worn without due and prompt service. When they are taken care of, they last for a lifetime.

On maintenance, when shopping for an automatic wristwatch, remember to ask the vendor for the maintenance regimen. Some brands of wristwatches are more service-detailed and have a better reputation for durability and longevity.  When it comes to servicing, make sure it is done by a qualified professional.

  1. Quality and Affordable 

Tissot watches are swiss made, and Swiss watches have a reputation for being the best quality in the watch-making industry.  Tissot watches appreciate over time, but this is only if the wristwatch is handled with care. You will have real value for money when you get it. It also has a good resale value.  The brand strives to present the best value with each watch. This means that all watches are made with the highest quality materials, the finest watches, and great designs. 

However, none of these items raise the price beyond a reasonable level. It is difficult to distinguish between cheap watch brands and some modern watch brands. However, Tissot was able to maintain this watchmaking philosophy for 165 years. Tissot watches are designed to work just as efficiently as expensive watches.


Automatic watches are watches that work according to the movement made by the wearer. They are timepieces that continue to work as a result of the wearer’s wrist movement. They can be worn day and night without being wound, unlike mechanical watches. 

They are made with technology that makes them different from other watches. Tissot watches have different models of Automatic watches including the Tissot T-touch and the Tissot Powermatic. Key reasons to buy one include quality materials used in production, ease of maintenance, and affordability. 

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