Tips For Crypto Link Building Success

by Ethan More
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Cryptocurrency has become a hot topic in recent years. The achievement of this currency first started with the creation of Bitcoin, and since then the world has seen multi-million dollar transactions made using crypto like Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin for forex trading. A lot of websites are digitalizing to include cryptocurrency or news related to bitcoin. The process is called Crypto Link Building and these websites are ways users can be rewarded for providing links to their website or blog posts that contain links back to their page/post/image.

1. Cryptocurrency Blogs

A cryptocurrency blog is a blog post related to virtual currency. These posts tell about how you can make money out of cryptocurrencies and other users will visit your website/blog and search for related keywords that are featured on your content. Some of the blogs may be relative to your niche, however if you look for cryptocurrency blogs in your niche that aren’t related to your niche you can get those people viewing it too through the link building strategy. One example is A bitcoin blog or a Ripple coin blog.

2. Write Content For Crypto Websites

If you want to do link building in a subreddit related to crypto you can do so by writing your own original article and submitting to them. You can write a tutorial or how-to article on something that is relative to cryptocurrency. A lot of users would benefit by reading about the topic you are writing about and if your content is original then your chances of getting it upvoted in the subreddit will increase. If you are wondering how to get your website in front of people then this strategy is going to help you out with that as well.

3. Paying For Traffic

Paying for traffic through an online service like Adwords or Facebook Ads can be very effective when done correctly. You have to know how to research which keywords to use and try to write for those keywords when it comes to cryptocurrency. If you pay with Facebook and Adwords you can increase your traffic from your content by getting it shared with the people who are searching for something related to cryptocurrency. Find our site list here.

4. Get Money For Link Building

Crypto is all about money. There is no cryptocurrency without a creator or a company behind it, so if you want more of that virtual currency then you need more links. Getting money for links is a very good idea because you can outsource the work and get other people doing the link building for you. But you need to know who to contact and how to do it, otherwise it’s pointless hiring someone just to build links without knowing why they are doing what they are doing.

5. Buy Cryptocurrencies

If you want to make money selling cryptocurrencies then link building is right up your alley. Getting more customers or interested individuals on your site will help them learn more about cryptocurrencies so they can buy some new ones and eventually make you some money back in return. Buying bitcoins or another cryptocurrency may be a good way of getting even more traffic.

6. Make Your Own Social Media Accounts

Crunchbase is a website that has information about businesses and companies. You can go here and find a business related to cryptocurrency or even some dealing with other types of virtual currency. Once you find one, create their social media account for them by using a program like TweetDeck. This way anybody can easily follow the company on Twitter and get updates on seo backlinks deals they are making as well as announcements that they are making, thus increasing your possibilities of getting links back to your site.

7. Social Media Groups

There are tons of social media groups out there with thousands of members, some dedicated to cryptocurrency itself while others have topics that are related to it. If you want to build up your link building, then you can join these groups and create interesting posts that can go viral. You may even get people following your posts or comments with different keywords used on them while they are replying to someone else’s comment.

8. Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing strategies are things used by businesses and business owners to gain more traffic to their websites or blog posts, increase the number of people who follow them on Social Media and invite them into the website itself or attract more customers. If you want to do content marketing then try researching keywords related to cryptocurrency, create the post and submit it anywhere relevant like a subreddit, a blog post spot or wherever it’s allowed.

9. List Site In Directory

You can earn backlinks for free through a directory listing because others will use it. You need to know how to find which directories are relevant and how to apply for them, if you do then it’s easy. One of the directories you might want to join is WordSitesearch for NFT. You can create an account and get your site added there through the submission process. It will help gain you backlinks for free and improve your chances of getting more traffic on your site by having other people view it as well.

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