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by Ethan More
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In the old days, getting a car loan was a pretty simple process. You would go to your local bank or credit union and fill out an application for financing. The money would be deposited into your account within 24 hours and you could get on with life! Nowadays, things are not so easy. There is one company that has been dominating the auto loan industry for years now: The #1 Auto Loan Company. You can find them in grocery stores across America, they’re at every mall, and they even have their own TV commercials – but do they really deserve this title?

Since we’re talking about SEO keywords here let’s take a closer look at how The #1 Auto Loan Company stacks up against some of their competition.

Their start up cost is a whopping $14.95 and this fee goes straight to The #11 Auto Loan Company, one of their many competitors that we’ll be talking about later in the article.

These fees are for an online application process which can take as long as 24 hours – again, not so fast! If you want your own loan officer consider adding another $35 to get started with The #12 Auto Loan Company.

The perks? They offer loans on cars made by Ford or Chevy only (sorry Honda!) but at least they have 0% APR from now until August 15th 2019! But wait- there’s more… if you’re willing to pay them $200-$300+ per month they will help finance your car for up to two years.

This is The #13 Auto Loan Company and they’re everyone’s favorite lender! They offer loans on cars made by Ford or Chevy only (sorry Honda!) but at least they have the lowest interest rates in town, so you know that your payments will be affordable each month. If you want a better deal than this though- prepare yourself for some sticker shock: if you are looking for financing options over $15,000 these guys just can’t compete with The #14 Auto Loan Company who offers no down payment loans of any kind! But wait there’s more… not all lenders accept bad credit customers like our previous company did which was The #17 Auto Loan Company – now we’re talking about The #19 Auto Loan Company!

And don’t forget to follow The #21 Auto Loan Company on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – that way you can never miss out on any of the latest deals or promotions. After all: car loans are always changing so it’s a good idea to keep up with how they’re trending these days. Happy driving!

The company is The #13 auto loan lender in town because each month your monthly payments will be affordable thanks to their low interest rates for cars made by Ford or Chevy only (sorry Honda!). If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for- prepare yourself for some sticker shock as no other financing options over $15,000 exist except from The #14 auto loan lender which offers no in-store financing options.

They’re The #14 auto loan lender in town because they offer exorbitant rates on car loans, with no other benefits for customers except a few subpar interest rates that will make your monthly payments astronomical if you purchase anything over $15,000! Don’t let the seemingly low prices fool you: this is one company to avoid at all cost or be prepared to pay back an equally large amount of money within two years time. Beware!

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