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by Ethan More
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I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who love to start your day with breakfast. I know that for me, the most difficult thing is finding something healthy and delicious to eat in the morning. That’s why I like to make my own chia seed pudding. It’s quick, easy, and nutritious! This blog post will show you how to make it from scratch so that you can enjoy this perfect breakfast too!

First, you’ll need to gather the ingredients. You’ll need chia seeds, almond milk (or any unsweetened plant-based milk), vanilla extract or cinnamon, maple syrup and a banana. I like using almonds for my base because they’re full of protein! For this recipe we will be using almond milk as our main liquid ingredient since it is so healthy and nutritious – but all types work just fine.

To make your pudding from scratch you will want to combine everything in one bowl with an immersion blender until creamy and smooth. The last step before enjoying is adding toppings of choice such as fruit slices, nuts or granola. This way you can personalize it however you would like!

After setting in the fridge for a few hours, your chia seed pudding is ready to eat!

You can make this as healthy or sweet as you want. For instance, if you don’t like bananas, substitute it with applesauce or strawberries. If you prefer less sweetness in your breakfast then use half of the syrup listed below instead of all of it – but trust me when I say that maple syrup is so delicious and worth adding into recipes where possible because there are many benefits to using it!

The chia seeds in this recipe can be used as a vegan substitute for eggs. It is also gluten free and dairy free – so it’s perfect for those with special dietary needs!

Benefits of Sun Rises Over Health Foods’ Recipe:

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan Substitute For Eggs

High In Protein (Chia Seeds)

Low Carb Breakfast Option With Lots Of Fiber & Omega Fatty Acids From Chia Seed Pudding Ingredients

Sunrise over Health foods uses only the highest quality ingredients to create recipes that are delicious yet healthy to maintain wellness. Enjoying our products will help you live your best life every day while feeling great about what you eat! We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do.

Sun Rises Over Health Foods

Sunrise over Health foods is a small, family owned business run by two sisters who have been cooking for themselves and their friends since they were little! They are passionate about the power of food to heal not just your body but also your mind. Enjoying our products will help you live your best life every day while feeling great about what you eat! We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do. You can learn more about us here: or visit our online store at . We welcome any feedback on how we can best serve you!

The Sun Rises over the Health Foods store. A perfect time for a delicious and nutritious breakfast, which is exactly what we have in mind with this chia seed pudding recipe! The ingredients are very simple: eggs, vanilla extract, honey or maple syrup (or both!), almond milk, coconut flakes and of course some Chia seeds. You could even add in fruit like bananas to up the nutritional value!

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