Signs and Symptoms of Menopause

by Ethan More
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Menopause is a natural change in every woman’s life. Yet, it can be one of the most difficult to deal with emotionally and physically. Women will experience different symptoms throughout this time, including hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain and more. All these symptoms are normal as your body adjusts to hormonal changes. In this blog post we’ll discuss signs and symptoms that you It’s not always easy to know when it’s time for a doctor appointment. When your body changes and/or starts to function differently, pay attention to the signals you’re consistently getting. You may feel more tired or nauseous as well as some other physical symptoms so make sure you can recognize what’s happening before it gets out of hand!

-Weight gain is a common symptom. Women will have difficulty managing their weight during menopause and may struggle to lose the excess pounds they’re carrying. This can be due to hormones, lack of muscle mass, or other reasons. It’s important not to let this go untreated for too long because it could lead to obesity and chronic health issues later on in life.

-Hot flashes are also typical with symptoms that include feeling flushed, sweaty, dizzy and/or clammy skin as well as irregular heartbeats when you start sweating more than usual. These sensations happen suddenly without warning so try your best not act impulsively while having one! You’ll often find yourself wanting Why not switch up your beverage routine and drink something warm? A hot chocolate will give you the good feeling without all that caffeine, and a mulled wine would Winter is a great time to dinner with your loved one, and it’s always nice to make memories when you’re celebrating this special time of year. Here are some romantic ideas for both the overworked business executive and the elegant snowflake in love:

Consider taking a brunch date. It doesn’t mean going out just because you can’t cook, it’s possible if you have the right supplies! Make breakfast or an afternoon snack ahead of time before hand so that all you need is toast and coffee. Experiment with everything from traditional French pastry crepes to a decadent Danish hot chocolate cake for dessert.

If you’re looking to have an in-depth conversation with your loved one, dinner is the perfect time. Have a glass of wine and share a plate of pasta or another dish that can be shared while talking over each other’s heads. Don’t forget dessert! It’ll make it even more romantic when there are candles on the table.

The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as parents is by spending quality time together without any distractions for 24 hours – from phones, kids, work, facebook posts… anything but what makes them happy during these times apart. Give yourselves permission to just enjoy being around one another all day long Feeling down in the dumps after your first few weeks of motherhood? Maybe it’s time to re-establish that new mom identity. The key thing is remembering what motivated you to work out and get back on track with life!

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