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Reading for Good: J.D. Salinger and His Poem

by Ethan More
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Good reading is hard to find these days. It seems like all of the books you see are just about vampires and werewolves, or some other such nonsense. But sometimes, it’s nice to read something that doesn’t make your skin crawl (or get goosebumps). I’m talking about good old fashioned literature- something that takes a little while to read, but will leave you with a sense of accomplishment when you’re done. There have been many great authors in history who have written great novels and stories that deserve more recognition than they currently receive- one being J.D. Salinger. He was an author from New York who wrote mostly short stories during his life time and published “Nine Stories” in 1953 after he died.

Salinger’s writing differed from other authors who wrote during the time period because of his lack of use of dialogue. He used more description and imagery to get the reader in touch with what he was trying to convey, rather than telling them through a conversation between two people. Those that have read his work know this is true; it seems like you’re right there next to Holden Caulfield throughout his adventures! This makes reading so much more enjoyable- you can picture everything happening as if you were watching a movie or somehow involved yourself in the story line. The readers are able to feel every emotion about each character without even having their own words tacked on at the end: “In our lives there are numerous moments that often take us by surprise. When you find yourself experiencing one of these moments, a question may sometimes arise.

“What does happiness really tell us? Happiness is an emotion that can be quite complicated to pin down in the first place; just like puzzles and statues it might not be easy at all to figure out what happiness means.

“Do you feel happy when you are able to do things, like play sports or write a poem? Happiness is the ability to be content with who we are and what we have.”

If happiness equals doing something that makes us feel good then there can’t possibly be anything wrong with feeling this way. The question of whether one should ever try to change their mood in order to achieve happiness becomes irrelevant because no matter how hard someone tries they cannot fake being happy if it isn’t already inside them. “We need not stop ourselves from experiencing different emotions and feelings just so that we can actually reach our own personal state of joy. It might take some time but eventually everything will work out.”

The positive affirmations you’ve been hearing lately are not enough to break the cycle of negative thinking. There is a need for something that can push down Sometimes the only way to build a life for yourself is to cut off all outside sources of encouragement. Sometimes it’s better this way, other times you just need a push or someone else to step in and help out so that you can make your ideas happen. It’s an interesting tactic but there are some good ways it can benefit you as well.

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