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Omega Aquaterra: The Everyday Luxury Watch for You

by Radhe Gupta
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When it comes to style, more and more people are going for the casual yet elegant approach. Many working environments no longer require a suit and tie to get up, and companies are aiming for a more casual feel in their work offices. With the casual trend in place, many of us are looking for an everyday watch that would suit all occasions. And we are on the lookout for a quality luxury wristwatch that has none of the pretentious thrills that some other watches have. Well, you’re in luck, because in this article that is just what we have. We will not be recommending any watch that won’t suit all those qualities of a substantial everyday watch if there isn’t any, but there is! And it’s the Omega Aquaterra 2021. So if you’re looking for a great everyday luxury watch, the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra, Co-Axial Master Chronometer, Automatic is a top-notch choice. And here are three main reasons why.

A Watch You Can Wear in Many Occasions

 First, we need to check this area. The Omega Aquaterra 2021 has two options for its size. It has 41 millimeters and a 38- millimeter case size. But even with the 41-millimeter case size, the watch provides a pleasing experience on the wrist even if you have a 6 inches wrist size. It has a thickness of 13.2- millimeters that slides easily under dress cuffs. The lug to lug width is 47 and a half millimeters, and its lug width is 20 millimeters. Overall, the dimensions do not overwhelm a wearer with a slender wrist and have a very attention-grabbing visual impact. 

The watch has a highly polished bezel and a more slanted outer bezel. The dial is in deep olive green color and wears the signature design of an Omega Seamaster. The teak green dial evokes the feeling of a wooden boat and has engraved horizontal lines. The thickness and density of the lines are not equal and adds a touch of texture to the dial. At 6 o’clock a white on black date window is placed, and rhodium-plated markers are applied drawing attention to the face of the watch. Along with its arrow seconds and minutes hands and all the markers, the watch is visible in low light settings with luminescence. This detailed dial design is protected by a slightly domed sapphire crystal that has an anti-reflective coating. 

The polished sections then trail down to its bracelet with polished center links. The bracelet has a butterfly clasped with the Omega sign and is breathable with its half links on their side and also has fine-tuned adjusting with its screwed-in links. Compared to other models in the Omega brand, the Aquaterra is a casual yet sporty watch that you can dress up for special occasions.  

Offers Convenience with Its Movement

Design-wise, Aquaterra checks the box. But the aesthetic appeal is not the only thing we’re looking for in an everyday watch. But you won’t be disappointed because Omega knows how to deliver high-quality caliber. This timepiece is also 15,000 gauss resistance to magnetism, which is more than the entry-level Rolex and Milgauss have. When it comes to accuracy, you will also have a dependable timepiece, as it beats 25,000 vibrations per hour/3 hertz. The Aquaterra has hand winding and hacking through its crown. Putting the crown in the second position offers adjustment without stopping the minute and seconds hands while pulling the crown to the farthest position stops the second’s hands. 

The Aquaterra has a lot to boast with its movement and has been tested by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology as a certified Master Chronometer. The movement inside Aquaterra 2021 is the Auto Omega 8900, which has a silicon balance spring with twin barrels and allows for a power reserve of 60- hours, perfect for anyone who has a set it and forget it lifestyle choice and everyday wear.

Worth Even More than Its Price

There are a lot of options for the same price point as the Omega Aquaterra, but what they offer to the market is not as good as what the Aquaterra offers. At the price point of $5,000, Omega offers a great everyday watch that ticks all the boxes for a great everyday watch. The quality of design, functionality, and movement is more than what other luxury brands would offer. You could probably find something close to it, but you would be either compromising material or other aspects of your timepiece. 

Popular brands that do offer a safe and most appealing choice tend to be clogged with demands, and we don’t like to be on the waiting list. But even though the Omega Aquaterra is a popular line of design you won’t find yourself waiting for ages for you to get your timepiece!


From casual set-ups to more formal occasions, the Aquaterra is blending well and even has its character to boast. With the convenience only a high-grade quality watch can give, what else would you look for? If you’re planning to explore more Omega Watches for your potential everyday luxury watch, visit WatchShopping. It is a reliable, certified dealer of luxury watches and excellent customer service. Visit WatchShopping to get a better look at the Omega Aquaterra now!

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