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Microdiscectomy Recovery: What to Expect

by Ethan More
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Microdiscectomy surgery is a common procedure for treating lower back pain and sciatica caused by herniated discs. The recovery process can be long, so it’s important to know what to expect before you undergo the procedure. After your microdiscectomy surgery, there will be two phases of recovery: the initial phase and the rehabilitation phase. In this blog post, we’ll discuss both phases in detail!

Initial Recovery Phase: Immediately after surgery, you may experience some pain in the lower back and leg areas. Most patients will need to stay at a hospital for two days following their microdiscectomy, but it varies from patient to patient. You’ll have an epidural catheter which is used during your procedure that should be removed within 48 hours of the operation or sooner if there are complications such as bleeding. After this time has passed, you might still feel discomfort (which can last anywhere from one day up to six months) and numbness around the surgical site because of nerve injury caused by cutting through tissues near nerves in order to reach your disc space; however, most people will have feeling Restoration of a life that has been ravaged by accidents or disease.

If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy exercise, now may be the time to start. Exercise is imperative for the prevention and rehabilitation of back pain, even after a successful microdiscectomy surgery. Walking is an excellent form of rehabilitation because it strengthens leg muscles that have been weakened due to injury or prolonged inactivity from sitting at work all day or just being sedentary during your normal daily routine. It also helps promote healing which can take anywhere up to six months following your procedure before feeling fully restored again!

Exercise should ideally be something you do every day and not tiring yourself out on the first few days would help speed recovery by reducing excessive You’re an avid runner who wants to take your fitness to the next level. But, you know that running will hurt and be rough on your body if it’s not done properly. It’s important to get professional training before committing yourself to the sport for more than a few weeks or months at the most. If you have been experiencing pain during activity consider taking supplements such as glucosamine Muscles need hydration as much as they need nutrients for the proper functioning, especially when you’re building muscle. It should not come as a surprise that those muscles that take on weight lifting or powerlifting are particularly thirsty! Sometimes hydrating before and after working out isn’t enough to keep them nourished so make sure you take in some of the bodybuilding supplements Supplementing your diet can be a daunting task for most people, but supplements are an essential part of staying healthy. Sometimes this is a difficult choice as some products may not be for you or cutting edge suppliers such as Optimum Nutrition produce by-products that have poor quality ingredients. There’s no need to exclusively rely on the name brands either because there are many other great supplement companies out their with equally good results!

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