Loyalty programs at live casinos: What do they offer?

by Radhe Gupta
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If there is one thing that ultimately characterises the 21st century casino industry, it is a remarkable level of technological progress, something that has boosted the overall gambling sector straight into the stratosphere. Whereas the 20th century gambling world was obsessed with extreme grandeur and gargantuan casino structures, nowadays industry insiders are constantly looking for the next big technological breakthrough.

It is a change in focus, but one that was ultimately made necessary by the emergence of the online platform as the next big thing. Online casino was, of course, the first big technological breakthrough here, helped along by the incredible popularity of the new online slots world – play White Rabbit Slot.

In later years, however, we have seen a new invention rock the gambling world – live casino. Keep reading for a bit about live casino, and the various loyalty programs on offer too.

A quick word on live casinos 

Before we get into the nit and gritty concerning loyalty programs at live casinos, it’s worth just taking a second to have a quick word on live casinos here, as it is a truly fascinating gambling invention. One common complaint in regard to online casino was that it couldn’t accurately convey the gambling experience of popular table games like blackjack or roulette, but this is where live casino came to the rescue. 

You see, live casino is still a form of online casino, however instead of gamblers playing on a digitalised version of a roulette wheel, for example, they can still play on the real thing! How does this work? Well, live casino utilizes modern live streaming technology, which means that gamblers can play things like roulette from home, whilst still being able to experience the real thing. 

What are loyalty programs at live casinos? 

As you can probably imagine, this has made live casino extremely popular, however the video streaming isn’t the only thing. Live casino operators have also poured a lot of effort into their loyalty programs, which are basically on-going incentives to keep gambling on their platform. 

Each live casino will have slightly different terms and conditions that you will have to satisfy in order to claim the loyalty program rewards, but these will be easy to find on the website in question. 

What is the point of loyalty programs at live casinos? 

Some people might be wondering what the point of loyalty programs at live casinos is, and the answer to that is pretty obvious – to keep gamblers sweet! There is already a lot of competition in the live casino world, so loyalty programs are essential for these companies to keep their clientele from jumping ship. 

Examples of loyalty programs at live casinos 

So, how do loyalty programs at live casinos work? Let’s have a look at a few examples: 

Point based loyalty programs: With point based loyalty programs gamblers are given a point each time they wager on a game, and these can then be accumulated and used to claim various rewards. Cash back loyalty programs: A more simple type of loyalty program involves getting cash back on your bets each month.

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