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Let Your Interiors Shine with Designer Lanterns and Candle Stands

by Ethan More
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Home is the place where everything is just the way you want. From the curtains to the walls, from furniture to home appliances, from cushions to rugs, everything is according to your choice and taste and represents your identity. When it comes to decorating your dream home, you’d always look out for the best things and place them strategically according to a planned aesthetic.

The varied range of must-have decor products for the contemporary home includes uniquely shaped vases, textiles like carpets of different weaves, plush throws and jewel-toned cushion covers, wall plates, carved marble bowls, sculptures, dream catchers, and much more.

Delicate designer lanterns and stylish candle stands are among the outstanding accent pieces available out there. They enhance the elegance of the interiors and make every home appear luxurious and artistic.

Designer Lanterns

Designer lanterns add a mesmerising touch to luxurious home decor. From brightening up the room, balcony or porch with cosy, warm, and romantic light to projecting a dreamy look and feel,  designer lanterns are truly worth it. Place them on tables or racks, or fix them to the ceiling and let them gracefully hang down. Either way, contemporary lanterns instantly illuminate the space with an enigmatic vibe.

Among a wide range of designs, some feature glass framed by delicate metal borders, or filigreed gold and silver-toned metallic exteriors, while some are stylish new forms of the original hand-held lantern. You can always get experimental with this irresistible piece of decor and make the room or verandah both cosy and peaceful. Place the lantern at the home entrance, near a bookshelf in the study, by the bathtub, or give it centre stage among fairy lights.

Here are some more reasons to invest in designer lanterns:

  • It’s a beautiful source of light at night, often creating a romantic or mystical aura.
  • It makes every corner of the space look unique, mysterious and eye-catching.
  • As a decor item, it’s ideal for every occasion and celebration.
  • It’s a good companion during quiet moments like meditation.
  • Lanterns are available in different materials including metal, ceramics, glass, wood and so on.

Designer Candle Stands

Another type of home decor accent that makes the contemporary home look even more fashionable is candle stands and votives. Available in a spectrum of designs and patterns, these wonders crafted in glass, brass, aluminium, wood, paper mache, and other select materials add a rich look to your home in a subtle way.

Candle stands are designed to suit your everyday decorative lighting needs. From living rooms and dining rooms to bedrooms and bath areas, the little flame of candlelight illuminates your surroundings, including cosy little nooks and corners.

You can use candle stands to hold in place scented or aromatic candles that calm the nerves, destress your body, refresh your soul, heal headaches, and generally help you relax or meditate. You can get creative with how you dress up the room: use candles of different colours and shapes, and place the candle stand innovatively at unusual spots that no one thought of before.

Here are some perks of introducing designer candle stands to your home:

  • They’re a source of delicate light offering a quiet, elegant look and feel.
  • They are an ideal backdrop to all kinds of celebrations and get-togethers.
  • There are many options of materials the candle stand is made of – metal, glass, wood – so that you can match them to the decor of your room perfectly.
  • If they’re kept well, they last over generations in one household.

If you’re looking for designer candle stands and dreamy lanterns, there are a plethora of choices on multi-brand platforms online, like Jaypore, Ajio Luxe, Tata CliQ Luxury, The Decor Circle, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, and more.

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