How to Become A Star on Youtube

by Radhe Gupta
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Nobody would have imagined what YouTube would have turned out to be when it first launched. At first, it was a platform where people could just upload videos into the cloud. Today, YouTube is its own bonafide network with millions of personalities, entertainers, etc.

One of the most unique parts of YouTube is that anyone has the potential of breaking out into being a star, as everyone can upload content to the platform. But how does one become a YouTube star?

Great Content

When it comes to getting eyeballs on the screen, the quality of content matters. If you look at Linkedin for Youtube Star Dan Avidan, it’s clear to see the amount of effort that goes into the types of videos that Dan makes. While he’s a part of a few different channels on YouTube, Dan definitely takes the time on material, the music that he creates, as well as his memorable costumes and character personas.

While there are some YouTube personalities that make some extremely low-budget-looking videos that have become successful, the truth of the matter is that those that take more time preparing material, editing, lighting, etc. do better and have a better chance of eventually turning into channels with more subscribers.

While production value can definitely make a huge difference, what matters, even more, is the focus of your channel and the preparation of material to present. Too often potential YouTubers don’t take enough time creating content that helps people.

Find a Niche

Ideally, finding a niche where there is a lot of interest, but not a lot of content is the best way to rocket to YouTube stardom the fastest. This can be hard as sometimes your passions will not align with what types of content are missing out on the web to fulfill. If this is the case, then your main goal should be to create better content than your competitors. For example, if you love Tesla vehicles, the content you provide needs to be more in-depth, funnier, and provide actual information that a viewer can find value in learning. The more value you provide, the better the actual viewer base you will gain. A subscriber on YouTube is someone who wants to consume more of your content, not someone who just saw your stuff one time and then will never look at your stuff again. In order to get subscribers, you have to hook them with good content so that they will be begging you for more each and every week.

As you can see, content is king when it comes to YouTube and finding success. Taking the time to find a niche that you can fill is ideally the best way to go. If you choose to go after content that has to do with your passions, then make sure to research your competitors and come up with ways that you can outdo them and provide more value. By doing these things, you can drastically improve your chances at becoming a YouTube star.

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