TACNA Shelter and Managed Services are a growing industry in Mexico. It is an industry that focuses on providing temporary or permanent shelter to individuals, families, organizations and businesses. The shelters may be used for a variety of reasons, such as the prevention of disasters, during natural calamities, when organizations and communities are required to evacuate or relocate, during economic recessions or disasters, and for various other purposes as designated by the manufacturer and/or distributor(s).

Shelter and Managed Services include manufacturing, transportation, construction, project development, site preparation, installation, inspection, waste assessment, and decomposition. The Shelter and Managed Services industry also involve a wide range of indirect costs associated with manufacturing shelters, including materials costs, overhead and labor costs, transportation and related materials costs, and government fees. Materials costs include materials and supplies necessary for production, labors and materials used in the processing of shelter products, and overhead costs for the production line, production facilities, and distribution facilities. Labor costs include salaries and wages paid to employees, including subcontractors, and include any benefits such as sick leave, holidays, and insurance. There are also distribution costs associated with products produced and marketed.

The Shelter and Managed Services industry have grown significantly in Mexico over the past five years. Production growth is predominantly in the areas of plastics, polyester fiber, nylon, and PVC. As more industries move to fill manufacturing voids in Mexico, the demand for well-trained, technically qualified workers is expected to grow. In response, the Government of Mexico has worked to improve worker protection and worker compensation laws. While these efforts have yet to yield positive results, these laws and policies are helping to create a better working environment and raise the standard of living for workers in Mexican manufacturing.

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There are many different types of products manufactured by Shelter and Managed Services companies. Examples of products manufactured in the Mexico manufacturing space include car seats, cabinets, shelves, computer cases, furniture, and CD/DVD storage devices. The Shelter and Managed Services industry can also service equipment such as forklifts, printers, printing presses, sewing machines, and assembly lines. The manufacturing floor of a major Shelter and Managed Services manufacturer in Mexico can range from the fairly simple to the highly complex.

Many businesses utilize the services of Shelter and Managed Services providers. This allows them to provide products that are durable, economical, and of good quality. It has become a popular method of manufacturing in Mexico. Products produced in the manufacturing line of this type are often exported to countries in Latin America, South America, and Eastern Europe. Many products made in this manner are sold for higher prices in these markets due to their superior quality, durability, and economy.

Shelter and Managed Services manufacturers and importers are able to meet the demands of international manufacturing companies and retailers. They can produce high-quality products at a reasonable price. These manufacturers are able to keep inventory costs down because of the large quantities of goods that they can handle. They can offer the service customers require to maintain their supply chains and supply chain needs.

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