Looking to make YouTube videos? It’s a hard proposition for you if you do not have a solid video editor. Without a good video editor, it will become troublesome for you to make detailed and in-depth adjustments to your video content.

Basic editing works fine with YouTube providing the options, but some major and grand projects require heavier treatment which is only possible using a YouTube video editor.

There are editors for varied platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and others. The editors come loaded with functionalities that help users do various things like adding text, overlaying filters, joining clips, importing music, displaying watermarks, running macros, deleting unwanted videos, and creating fade effects.

To use all these features and 

more have a look at these free online video editors for YouTube:

1. InVideo

This video editing tool helps users in creating not just the most stunning videos but content that catches attention and sparks interest within just 10 minutes. Yet another benefit of using the tool is that it is easy, affordable, and quick. So, the fast and reliable features of Invideo makes it the best YouTube Video Editor out there. 

It collaborates perfectly and comes with readymade templates that are more than 4000 in number. InVideo offers pre-made templates for creating videos in minutes. Then there is the text-to-video option to customize the templates by uploading your own website, script, or media file.

You can also use the blank template option to start from scratch to create the ideal videos. InVideo can be used for making Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube stories, advertisements, and newsfeeds.

2. Shotcut

This free, open-source video editing tool works for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It comes with a huge selection of impressive features. One of the best features of this tool is it allows users to cut shots to a certain length prior to converting them.

The tool also offers a wide assortment of effects and filters for making videos look more professional and sleeker. The tool even has the potential of handling the streaming procedure in varied formats, ranging from UDP and RTSP to HTTP.

It has a minimalistic interface and is all-inclusive at the same time. All its audio and video filters can be easily customized. Users can even add, alter and remove their changes at any time.

3. HitFilm Express

The uncluttered user interface is what people like the most about HitFilm Express. Apart from this, the software also comes with several customizable options and is often updated to add major features and improvements.

The plethora of features available with this editor is sure to be liked by YouTubers. Its advanced functionalities like picture-in-picture and chroma key are available at a price, but the free version also has features that make the tool worth using.

With the free version of HitFilm Express, you get features like the ability to auto-saving content as frequently as per minute, several keyboard shortcuts, options of cropping clips, and animating them to control the parts that should be visible and colored labels.

Users can even set the customized maximum to undo level; mix and balance music; add unlimited audio and video tracks; access default templates including 1080p full HD, and use helpful select tools for grabbing everything before and after the play head.

4. VSDC Free Video Editor

The VSDC free video editor lets users import the existing video clips or directly record from their webcam. Thus, it comes as one of the most excellent options for YouTube vloggers.

It features a simple interface and offers options to apply titles, voiceovers, shapes, Instagram-like filters, and impressive audio and visual effects. In addition to this, VSDC also helps users export content straight to YouTube or any other social networking site.

5. Apple iMovie

This best free video editing tool for Mac users is all about professional-looking trailers and themes and abundant audio tools. It delivers video effects featuring minimalistic panache, cinematic flair, and detailed optimization and integration with Mac OS.

It is even updated on a regular basis, with recent updates bringing in a tweaked interface and Touch Bar support. Users get the flexibility of editing and sharing 4K videos with Apple iMovie.

It is undoubtedly one of the fastest video editing tools one can use, with its usage specifically aimed towards satiating the requirements of professional-level editors.

6. Loopster

This is probably the right option or editing tool for filmmakers, educators, beginners, and professionals mainly because of its highly interactive interface. Special features of this software include adjusting video angles, adding music through external sources, and creating sound effects.

The tool comes with an easy-to-use interface with rapid access to video and photo transfer. The tool also allows for the fast upload of YouTube account along with various other simple functionalities.

7. ClipChamp

This tool gets you covered if you have a keen interest in a fast and quick editor for all your YouTube videos. This free video editing software for YouTube does not produce HD videos, but it definitely exports to MP4 and even accepts pictures, video, and audio.

ClipChamp helps you create voiceovers simply by putting in the text, changing the speed of video clips, and resizing or cropping videos to perfectly fit the screen. Videos can even be rotated, flipped, and picked from around several filters. You can even fade them in and out and use transitions between the files.

8. VideoStudio

This is yet another excellent editing tool too intuitive for beginner-level editors. It comes with all basic and standard features, from sound editing and storyboard to footage up to 4K. 

It is a highly beneficial editor as it features individual automated movie creators to simplify the editing procedure for the users. Using VideoStudio for starting with your YouTube channel will be one of the smartest ways of building content.


Starting a YouTube channel can indeed be very difficult, but top-quality videos featuring high-resolution pictures, smooth video editing, and crystal clear audio will set the standard for the success of your channel. And also use the video editors to create and edit your videos to make them impressive for the audience. 

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