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Can players win a lot of money on penny slots?

by Radhe Gupta
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The humble penny slot, they grant players who are just starting to get into slot machines a chance to taste what the high rollers dine upon, whilst simultaneously setting off the newbies on a platform for which they can excel themselves!

With a wager so low, how could you say no? Penny slots have been around for a while now and remain one of the most popular forms of both online and offline slot gaming because they do not require you to fork out a mortgage and a fortune to play them – try Slingo Rainbow Riches.

Slot games will often assume, though, that the penny slot means that you can only win back pennies. What the ambitious slot machine punter always wants to know is if you can win a lot of money on penny slots or are they just for the misinformed small fry?

How do penny slots work, and do they ever pay out a lot of money?

There is a lot of speculation around penny slots about whether they work the same as other kinds of slot machines, and therefore, do they payout as frequently and as plentifully?

Read on to have all your questions about penny slots and their money wins answered:

·         The functioning of penny slots is almost exactly the same as any other kind of standard slot game, with one key difference, you can bet a low as a penny!

·         This means that, just like in other casino slot machines, penny slots require you to pull down a lever, wait patiently for your outcome, and rely on seeing matches pop up or bonuses display themselves.

·         You do not just have to bet a penny in penny slots and can increase your wager to other low amounts in the hope that the return is more fruitful.

·         However good this sounds, there is one big caveat. Penny slots odds are usually terrible meaning that it can be hard for players to win a lot of money playing them.

·         This is to be expected because the price of a minimum wager is so low, but it does mean that you might want to turn to a slot machine that gives you better odds at winning lots of money!

Should you play penny slots to try and min money?

It has been a great debate ever since its inception. High rollers will completely deny that penny slots are worth it, but, if you do not have the cash should you play on penny slots? For you fence-sitters reading this, we have set apart the difference so that you can decide for yourself!

Pros of Penny SlotsCons of Penny Slots
If you are low on cash and want a little game then choose penny slots!They can be seen as a waste of time because the rewards are low
They are great for getting to know games with a little riskThe risk factor is eliminated because you are only betting pennies
You can still win money, just maybe not as much as you would likeWhere are the big wins?!

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